Souvenir of Chumphon


Chumphon is famous for both fresh and dried seafood. The sea here is rich. It has plenty of fresh seafood to choose from. If tourists want to buy a home. Chumphon is a processed seafood such as shrimp paste, fish sauce and anchovy to buy salted fish, dried squid, seafood, major shopping and not far from the city of Chumphon much water at the mouth of Chumphon is a community fishery. Here is the source sales of processed seafood products to the villagers. It is best to buy a souvenir that.

Bird's nest

Nest swiftlet nests of a province that has been accepted by the health. Both Thailand and foreign countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong or the Chinese people eat well for a bird's nest Chumphon quality and nutritious bird species are available. Prepared at the store or bird nests Chumphon. This is due to the Chumphon franchisee of swiftlet nests. Processed at a Bird Nest 100% confident that you will have a complete nutritional supplement. Ideal to buy as souvenirs.


Chumphon is a town famous for its fruits. The durian, mangosteen, pineapple Lang Ngo Langsat Sweet pummelo you eat only bananas, coconut, etc. AA Group as souvenirs travelers hit almost everyone. Buy back as a souvenir in the form of fresh yellow bananas to eat and to. Banana processing types. The province is the province of the people who love fruit. Disappointed not to come to London. And tasting the fruits of the garden. Especially during the month of August every year, the province will work. London Festival of Fruit. Community tourism. Red Cross branches to broadly spread the important agricultural products of the province. As well as encourage more tourism.

Fresh roasted coffee

Chumphon province is the most coffee growing areas in Thailand. Coffee lovers should not miss a trip to a coffee plantation at him through. Because this is the beginning of the mellow taste of coffee in a long time. And has been recognized by coffee with a coffee flavor concentration taste is ideal to buy back as souvenirs. Or if you want fresh coffee. It is sold under several gas stations along the main line.