Phra That Tam Kwan Mueang Temple

Type :Temple

Address :Na Poh Subdistrict, Sawi District, Chumphon Province

Phra That Tam Kwan Mueang Temple is located in Na Poh Subdistrict, Sawi District, 2 kilometers away from Mueang Chumphon District. It is a temple of Dhammyuttika sect. The temple’s area is under the shade of many trees. There is a 20 meters tall pagoda which contains Buddha’s relics on a small limestone hill. Worshippers have to go up through 200 steps of stairs. Around the pagoda is a wide yard which is also used as a scenic point where all the sides of Sawi District can be seen. From here the dense coconut farms in the district can be obviously seen. Under the pagoda’s base are the monks’ residence and rooms for their meditation, located in descending order on the hill’s shoulder. It is an architectural work designed to exist in harmony with the natural environment.