Pathio District

District’s slogan

Gateway to the south, home of langurs, beautiful beaches and coral reefs, famous Khao Je Di

District office’s address

Moo 7, Bang Son Subdistrict, Pathio District, Chumphon Province, 86160

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Originally, Pathio was a small city and has been in record since Ayutthaya era. It stated that Mueang Uthumporn (Chumphon), which was a part of Nakhon Si Thammarat Kingdom and the narrowest part of Isthmus of Kra, was located at Baan Tha Kharm, Tha Sae District, “Mueang Pathio”. It was the passage of local people travelling from the west to the highlands, such as, Don Ta Then, Don Yai Shi, Don Ta Kien, Baan Hau Norn, and Baan Koh or Kor Cha-om. During the years 1770-1796, Pathio was under control of Krut City. The governing center and residential area was in the south of Don Ta Then, (presently, in the east of the Agricultural Cooperative, in the area of Moo 7, Bang Son Subdistrict). During the years 1797-1832, after the control of Krut City, it became under control of Ying City. The governing center and residential area was in Baan Koh. The forested area was cleared in preparation for construction by slaves. It was 3 Wa wide, covering the 5 Rai area. Presently, it is called Koh Cha-om, located in Moo 2, Thale Sap Subdistrict.

In the years 1833-1841, Prom City controlled Pathio. The governing center was behind the present Agricultural Cooperative, or in the area of the Railway Draining Station. People call this area “Don Yai Shi”.

In the years 1841-1895, Phra Pathio Khunthong governed Pathio City. His residence (governing office) was in Baan Chang, Baan Na Nhod, Moo 5, Tha Samed, Don Yang Subdistrict.

In the year 1896, the government set up the Tesapibal Countries Administrative Management, with which Pathio city became Pathio District. Luang Promsupha Jindaphrom (Sap Jindaphrom), the judge in Chumphon, was appointed as its first District Chief Officer (115th Rattanakosin the year). The administrative office was at Baan Tha Samed, Don Yang Subdistrict (presently, Moo1, Park Klong Subdistrict).

In the year 1902, His Royal Highness Prince Krom Praya Naritsaranuwattiwong inspected the governance in the south. He resided in Baan Nah Khai, and thought of moving the administrative office. But due to the news about the railway construction passing through Bang Son Subdistrict, he instead moved the administrative office to Baan Tha Kruad, (presently in Moo 7, Bang Son Subdistrict). In the year 1929, a strong storm hit Chumphon Province. The administrative office at Baan Kruad was destroyed. Hence, the office was temporarily moved to Baan Bang Son Local School 1 (Piphitrajbamrung), and then Baan Don Ta Then, in Moo 14, Bang Son Subdistrict, (presently, Moo 7, Bang Son District), around 1 Kilometer away from Baan Tha Kraud District Office. The construction of this new administrative office was completed in the end of year 1930, and the opening ceremony was held on 8 June 1930. It was used as the district office. In the year 1981, the new district office was constructed, but destroyed again in the year 1989 due to Typhoon Gay. However, it was restored and eventually opened for service again and operated ever since.

The word “Pathew” was an old name, and changed to be “Pathio” at present. It contains no literal meaning. But it was believed to be based on the local dialect, Pathio could be named after the local geography. There are many islands that are aligned in Thung Maha Gulf, Park Klong Subdistrict. Therefore, when a city was established not far from the place, characterized by this well-known geographical feature, it was named “Pathio”.


Pathio District is located in the north of Chumphon. Its total area is 779 square Kilometers, which borders other districts as follows,

To the north

Bang Saphan Noi District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

To the south

Mueang Chumphon District, Chumphon Province

To the east

The Gulf of Thailand

To the west

Tha Sae Distirict