Thungtako District

District’s slogan

Beautiful beaches, wonderful waterfalls, lots of fruits, Prince of Chumphon Shrine, Buddha’s relics at Mujalintharam Temple

District office’s address

On Highway no. 41 (Chumphon – Phatthalung), Moo 1, Thung Takrai Subdistrict, Thung Tako District, Chumphon Province.

Telephone Number

077 536-016

Fax Number


The record about Nakhon Si Thammarat’s establishment stated that Nakhon Si Thammarat had twelve subordinate cities. One of them was Chumphon, holding the Tri level status, controlling another 7 small towns which were Pathio, Tha Sae, Meliwan, Kra (presently, Kra Buri District), Ranong, Lang Saun, and Tako, and later Kamnerd Nopphakhun (presently Bang Saphan Noi District) was included.

The name “Tako” has been recorded in history since then. It was classified as a major Chattawa level city (Hua Mueang Chattawa Chan Eak) due to its strategic importance, as it was located on the route where the armies from Siamese capital, either in Ayutthaya, Thonburi, or Rattanakosin era, passed through. According to a historical record from Thonburi era, the year of the pig, Eak Sok 1137 (A.D. 1769), Tak Sin the Great ordered Chao Pharaya Chakri to lead the armies to Nakhon Si Thammarat. When the armies arrived Chumphon, Mun, a Chumphon local man, gathered people from Chumphon and Tako to voluntarily defend the city. They trained new soldiers in Tako city, not far from Thamma Thavorn Temple today. At that time, this area was called “Don Had Mah” (literally, Horse Training Hill). Khun Tah Pech was their leader. In Rattanakosin era, the year of the snake, Saptasok, Jullasakaraj year 1147 (A.D. 1785), Burmese armies invaded Siam through Ranong, Kra, Chumphon, Tako, and Chaiya cities. King Rama I appointed his younger brother, Krom Phrarajwang Bavornmahasurasignghanat, to lead the navy to help the southern cities. He passed Tako and Lang Suan cities, and entered the battle in Chaiya.

The Burmese armies defeated and destroyed Tako and Mueang Chumphon. Since then, their name faded away. According to the existing evidence, the last person who governed Tako was “Muen Ram Raj Raksa”. In the year 1897, the status of Tako was lowered to be a subdistrict subordinate to Sawi District. In the year 1975, Mr. Pramuan Kullamart, the representative of Mueang Chumphon, offered to the Ministry of Interior to change Tako, Park Tako and Thung Takrai Subdistricts to be Thung Tako Minor District. In the special government gazette, Book 93, Section 106, it was declared that these subdistricts were separated from Sawi District, Chumphon Province, and established to be Thung Tako Minor District on 6 September 1976, when Mom Rajawongsa Seni Pramote was the Minister of Interior. Thung Tako Minor District was changed to be a district on 19 July 1991.


Thung Tako is situated in the south of Chumphon, 49 kilometers from the Mueang District. It is located at 89 Thung Takrai Subdistrict, Thung Tako District, Chumphon Province, between kilometers 47-48 on Highway no. 41. The total area is around 291,785 square kilometers, and borders other districts as follows,

To the north

Sawi District, Chumphon Province

To the south

Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province

To the east

The Gulf of Thailand

To the west

Sawi and Lang Suan Districts, Chumphon Province