Koh Phithak Sea Racing

Koh Phithak Sea Rancing or Lang Suan Mini-Marathon is held in June of every year. At this time of the year the sea-level is low enough for people to walk to another island. The total distance is around 14 kilometers, from the starting point in Lang Suan (at the model of HTMS Chakri Naruebet) to the pier on Koh Phithak. Participants need to run through the sea for 1 kilometer. The finishing point on Koh Phithak is the mini-marathon’s unique feature that is the “only kind of place in Siam”.

Chum Phon Sea-World Fair

The fair is held between the middle of March to April every day to promote tourism activities and raise the awareness of environmental preservation in Chumphon. It also distributes income to local people. The main activities of the fair include fishing, a photo contest, exhibitions of tourist sites, entertainment activities, and marathon racing.

Phato Rafting

Phato Rafting is held in February of every year. The main activities are ecological rafting, free food in the city, exhibitions, and the sale of local products. The forestland in Phato is the source of many rivers running through the mountain. On both sides of these rivers are thick forests and fruit farms. Some parts of the canals are huge islets. Hence, adventurous activities are held in Phato Canal throughout the year. At the origin of the canal is the thick forest where many rare kinds of wildlife are found, for example, dusky langurs, monkeys, hornbills. They live freely in the forests surrounding the canal. Some parts of the canal are durian farms, coffee fields, and mangosteen gardens. If tourists enjoy hiking, they can hike to see the origin of the canal, spend the night (camping), or ride an elephant through the farms.

Rap Ro Cave Festival

Since ancient times, people in Tha Sae and nearby districts believed that on the 14th waning moon night of the 5th month is “Job Pee Job Duean Day” or “Trud Job Pee Job Duean Day”. On this day, the local people who work or reside in other areas return home and cover the city’s Buddha statue with golden leaves. In doing so, people believe that they will receive great merits. Some of them pray to the city’s Buddha statue and their wish becomes true. Then they express their gratitude by covering golden leaves on the statue, or by lighting firecrackers. Some also come to express their gratitude, as they believe that the city’s Buddha statue protects the city and its people.

In Rap Ro Cave Festival, held on the 13th waning moon night of the 5th month in front of Rap Ro Cave, many entertainment activities are continuously arranged until the morning of the next day. The festival aims to pay homage to the city’s Buddha statue. On the 14th waning moon night of the 5th month, there are many local shows by days, for example, Manorah, boxing, Likae, traditional dancing, etc. After the festival, people start to grow crops or rice for the next year. It is the starting point of their next year. Now Chumphon has changed so much, but the festival still exists.