Chumphon Geography

Area and location

Chumphon is situated on the eastern Thai coast in the uppermost part of Southern Thailand. It is approximately 498 kilometers away from Bangkok on Highway no. 4 (Phetkasem Road), and 467 kilometers on the southern railway. It is the fourth biggest southern province, i.e. approximately 6,010 square kilometers. Based on its location, from the Thai capital, Chumphon is the first province of the upper south of Thailand. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, lying from the north to the south, with the length of 222 kilometers. It borders the neighboring districts and provinces, as follows,

To the north

Tha Sae District and Pathio District of Chumphon Province border Bang Saphan Noi District of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

To the south

Lamae District and Phato District of Chumphon Province border Tha Chana District of Surat Thani Province

To the east

Pathio, Mueang, Sawi, Thung Tako, Lang Suan, and Lamae Districts of Chumphon Province border the Gulf of Thailand

To the west

Tha Sae District of Chumphon Province borders Kra Buri District of Ranong Province and the Union of Myammar. Mueang, Sawi, and Lang Suan, and Phato Districts of Chumphon Province border Kra Buri, La-un, Mueang Districts of Ranong Province

The general geography of the province is described as a long and narrow area which can be generally divided into 3 parts. Firstly, the west has Phuket and Tanao Sri Mountain ranges which serve as natural borders. Secondly, the central fertile flatland serves as the main agricultural area of the province. Thridly, the east is flatland on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The beaches in Chumphon are linear-shaped with a few being curve-shaped. The sea-coast is 222 Kilometer long and the width of the provincial area is around 36 kilometers.


Chumphon is located under the influence of southwest and northeast winds. As a result, there are only 2 seasons in Chumphon

  • Summer season starts from February to the middle of May. It is the time of seasonal change after the northeast wind recede in strength.
  • Rainy season starts from the middle of May to the middle of December. It is the time when the southwest wind from the Andaman Sea turns to be highly-humid air mass and changes to be the northeast wind which causes heavy rain. The rainfall is approximately 1,553-2,344 millimeters.

The average temperature in Chumphon is around 27.3 degrees Celsius. The average high temperature is 34.8 degrees Celsius. The average low temperature is 21.6 degrees Celsius. The average high relative humidity is 97%. The average low relative humidity is 49%. The average relative humidity throughout the year is 81%.