Chumphon has great reputation for its fresh and dried seafoods due to abundant aquatic animals in the sea. Tourists have many restaurants at their choices. Chumphon also has many kinds of processed seafoods which can be good souvenirs, for example, shrimp paste, stolephorus fishsauce, dried squid, salty fish. The main seafood market which is not far from Mueang Chumphon District is Chumphon River Delta. It is a local fishing village where local people sell their home-made processed seafoods souvenirs.

Bird’s nest

Swallow’s nests in Chumphon gain recognition from Thais and foreigners from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, who take good care of their health. Chumphon’s bird nests are popular because of their quality and nourishment. Many kinds of bird’s nests and instant bird’s nests are available at Chumphon Rang Nok Shop. They are the only concessionaire of swallow’s nests in Chumphon. Their swallow’s nests are manufactured with the modern production processes. They are pure swallow’s nests which you can be sure on their nourishments. They can be a perfect souvenir as well.


Chumphon is famous for its various kinds of fruits, ranging from Lang Suan durian, rambutan, langsat, mangosteen, Sawi pineapple, Chao Sawoei pomelo, coconut, etc. Finger banana is the most popular fruit which tourists love to buy as souvenirs, either fresh or processed bananas. Therefore, all fruit-lovers will not get disappointed, if they visit the province and taste fresh fruits directly from the gardens. In August, the “Chumphon’s fruit fair-trips in communities-Red Cross Division” fair is annually held in Chumphon to promote the sale of important agricultural products and promote tourism.

Fresh coffee

Chumphon is a province where coffee is cultivated most in Thailand. Coffee-lovers should not miss a trip in Khao Tha Loo, because it is a place where the good taste of coffee begins. Coffee-lovers recognize Chumphon’s coffee from its strong good taste, and nice smell. Tourists can both drink fresh coffee at any gas station on the main roads, or buy some coffee beans as souvenirs.