Strategic policy

The province’s governor has reviewed the provincial development plan (year 2010-2013), by which the vision, mission, strategic issues, goals, strategies and other projects are determined as follows,

The provincial development guideline

ใThe potential of the province, such as the richness of natural resources and environment, the areas which can be developed for agriculture, the natural tourist attractions, and cultures and customs, should be utilized for the utmost benefits of the people. The utilization includes 4 areas, which are, human resources and society, tourism, development of agricultural products, agricultural industry and marketing, and natural resources and environment. Hereby, all involved departments and divisions should conduct a brainstorm to determine the vision and the strategy of Chumphon under and in response to the government’s policies.

Setting the strategic position of the province
  • To develop people and society to become a quality society where people have good quality of life, communities are strong, safe and secured and develop into a knowledgeable society.
  • To become a natural tourist attraction with the unique southern cultures and customs.
  • To become a source for agricultural products, safe foods, and clean agricultural industry and technology.
  • To become a rich source of natural resources and environment.

“Good place to live, sustainable agriculture and ecological tourisim”

  • To build up the potential of the people, families, communities, and quality society.
  • To increase the efficiency of tourism management and tourism development under the goal of sustainable tourism.
  • To raise the competitiveness of agricultural products and increase the production of quality and safe agricultural products.
  • To manage the natural resources and environment with the participation of the communities.
  • To develop and support the positive political and administrative cultures, and maintain the peace and security in the society.
  • To increase the efficiency of the provincial administration for the utmost benefits of people under the principle of good governance.
  • To have quality people and strong communities.
  • To have quality tourist attractions.
  • To have more agricultural products with higher competitiveness.
  • Management of natural resources and environment for the long-term benefits.
  • The integrative provincial administration which provides the utmost benefits to the people.
  • Chumphon as a livable province
Indicator of objective attainment
  • Households in Chumphon have the better quality of life to the extent that they pass the standard of Basic Minimum Needs (BMN).
  • The province gains more tourists and therefore more incomes from tourism.
  • More GPP in the agricultural sector of the province.
  • The management of natural resources and environment passes the set standards.
  • Less complaints about injustice and non-transparency.
  • Higher Gross Happiness Index.